advanced earthquake and structural engineering


Our Vision

OBS Project Engineering was established in 2013 with the objective of providing solutions. 70% of the population lives in the earthquake region and 90% of the industry is under the risk of earthquake in our country, unfortunately, live with the reality of the earthquake every day. With the awareness of this fact, we are active in designing earthquake resistant structures and making the existing building stock safe from earthquakes. We aim to prevent possible material and moral losses after the earthquake

Our Services

Advanced Structural and Earthquake Engineering Services and Solutions offered by OBS for a wide range of customers’ needs

Earthquake Isolation and Energy Damping

  • Earthquake Isolators (seismic isolator) design and services
  • Seismic isolation (seismic isolation) building design and retrofit
  • Building design and retrofit using damper users

Earthquake Performance Assessment and Strengthening

  • Existing building due diligence (earthquake safety investigations)
  • Building retrofit projects
  • Risky building detection
  • Evaluation and strengthening of historical and masonry structures (surveying, restoration)
  • Seismic Protection of Non-Structural Elements (Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural Systems)

Static Project Services

  • Reinforced concrete building design
  • Steel building design
  • Industrial and industrial plant design
  • Prefabricated building design
  • Wooden building design

Performance Based Design and Analysis

  • Nonlinear Time History Analysis
  • Single and Multi Mode Pushover Analysis
  • Earthquake Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • Staged Construction Analysis
  • Seismic Protection Calculations of Non-Structural Elements (Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural Systems)
  • Earthquake Economic Loss Analysis of Structures (Due Diligence, PML, Insurance Risk)

Consulting, Design Supervision and Training

  • Earthquake Engineering Consultancy
  • Services Design Inspection (Peer Review)
  • Earthquake Isolation Consultancy Services
  • Earthquake Engineering Trainings for Institutions and Persons

Software and R&D

  • Research and Development Projects
  • Earthquake Engineering Software Sales and Development
  • SeismoSoft Products Sales and Support (SeismoStruct, SeismoBuild, SeismoSpect, SeismoMatch, SeismoSignal)

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70% of our country's population lives in the earthquake region. Our country, which is 90% of the industry at risk of earthquake, unfortunately lives with the reality of earthquake every day. Our greatest aim is to prevent material and moral losses that may occur after the earthquake.

Dr. Bahadır Şadan